1 Waterlow Court


the ideal owner


You’re an international traveller who’s looking for an occasional home in London. Somewhere that’s idyllic, picturesque and can be left vacated for an extended period, knowing that it will be safe, in an area that is patrolled by private security firms.

You’ve worked hard, you’re driven, and you’re a perfectionist, so you get like to get things right. You want to spend the money to create your dream London home, but you don’t want to spend millions on a property you only occasionally use. You’re looking for something not too large, that has character, has a history, that is part of London’s heritage. You recognise the importance of location, of the neighbourhood, of having peers close by.

Now and again, you’d like to spend more time in London, so you want somewhere with good transportation links, a nearby tube, good bus routes, and resident’s parking if you decide to keep a car.