1 Waterlow Court

the ideal owner

nature lover


You’re wild about wildlife. Your profession brings you to the City of London, but your passion is for the outdoors, getting out of the office and into the wild. You’ve always been a bit of a rambler so your keen to get out and walk through woodland, across meadow, by water. You’re lucky because there are such places in central London – and sometimes you get chance to nip out during lunch or early evening and experience wonderful parks such as St James, or the southern tip of Regent’s Park – but you hanker something more rural, more wild, more untamed.

You love the idea of getting up early in the spring, throwing open the windows, and listening to the dawn chorus – the skylark, robin, and blackbird, or watching the foxes sneak about the gardens, nonchalant at times, and there’s the local green-backed woodpecker that likes to feast on the central lawn and the outer gardens.

And then there’s the Heath Extension, the perfect balance of rolling fields catering the sporty types and the dog-walkers and the kite-fliers, and the wild, unspoilt woodland and meadow where nature is let to run her course, fallen trees left where they fall providing vital habit for all manner of beasts.

And the Seven Sister ponds for fish, and ducks and geese, and the disobedient dog who shouldn’t be in there but is determined to teach how the ducks to swim.

And beyond, so much more, Hampstead Heath, Sandy Lane, and Golders Hill Park, complete with its miniature zoo and butterfly house.