1 Waterlow Court

the ideal owner



You’re a keen gardener, and you like to get stuck in and get your hands dirty. If so, you’re most welcome at Waterlow Court. We have professional gardeners who weekly mow the lawns, cut the hedgerows, trim the borders, but there’s always more to do. Enthusiasts are always welcome and popular.

Every resident values and cherishes and makes good use of the gardens. The architecture is spectacular but it would be lost without the gardens. The gardens bring it to life.

There are four outer gardens, each distinct, with their selection of shrubs, flowers, trees, mulberry, black walnut, apple, and the inner quadrangle, each side capturing the light at different times of the day, each side presenting different challenges and opportunities.

The layout is probably still similar to that of Baillie Scott’s original plan, a planting scheme inspired by the great Gertrude Jekyll, so you’ll be building upon firm foundations.