1 Waterlow Court



1909 floor plan

1909 layout of flat 1, Waterlow Court

Top right, the original bedroom, and below that the bathroom and toilet. The separating wall no longer exists but could be re-instated. The dashed line that separates the bedroom from the living room is a period arch, which all the original flats have. The original bedroom and bathroom are currently a kitchen and dining area.

The original kitchen is not labelled but is to the left of the living room, adjacent to the external stairwell. This kitchen now serves as a walk-through lobby that provides extra, vital storage.

The porter’s office and bedroom are currently the bathroom and bedroom that connect to the rest of the flat by a doorway that was added before Waterlow Court gained its Grade II* listing.

The cloister and the arches at the bottom of the floor plan, the north-east garden is at the top